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If you are trying to decide if you would like to try this out, you should definitely do it. You will be happy you did. The experience was amazing!


I got off the table after the first neuromuscular session with Austin and had no pain in my hip. I had been fighting hip pain and issues for years. Regular maintenance with Austin has helped me keep moving. Thanks Austin!!

Sheila Brazda

I have had various physical, massage and chiropractic throughout my life. i have had nothing to thoughtful,.effective and life changing that I experienced today. thank you!

Heidi Brown

I’ve had horrible knees since I was a teen and has resulted in an ACL surgery and total knee replacement. Most recently, one of my dogs jumped on my bed and bent my knee backward, causing it to become painful again.
My shoulder has hurt since an accident years ago and docs have recommended spinal fusion for my back (which I have not done)!
After one 90-minute session, I am stunned! I just don’t know how to describe the lack of pain and increase in movement!! My right arm can move behind my back and TOUCH MY SHOULDER BLADE! I honestly cannot believe my range of movement and that I feel 95% better!! No frailty in my knee, no pain in my shoulder, and only slight twinges of tenderness in my back!

Really have no words!

Renee Siems

Austin just doesn’t give a massage he methodically works thru the body to correct problems. I have been to dozens of therapists over the years he is more than a massage therapist and better any physical therapist I’ve been too!

Stacy Niemi

Amazing! He knows anatomy. He knows exactly how to manipulate muscles and nerves to treat the issue and not just relieve symptoms. I have several herniated discs and I left my first session walking without pain and upright! High quality service and reasonable prices. I recommend this technique to everyone! This is THE place to go!

Becky Cain

Austin does an amazing job or getting to the source of the muscle pain and/or restriction. This is not your typical massage, this is his expertise with muscle and nerve alignment in the body that has given me a sense of relief from pain and freedom of movement. I highly recommend!


This is for me! Austin was extremely educated and amazing at what he does! I didn’t know what to expect but feel relief in a way I never thought possible! Must try.


Great experience! Not only did Austin provide immediate pain relief to my hips & carpal tunnel pain, he also gave me tips to better myself and my family. Would recommend for anyone experiencing pain. I plan to get back and have a chance to try a reiki massage as well!


Radiating left hip/leg pain after first pain relief session was decreased from 6-7 to 2-3....comparable to taking 2 Norco tabs.
Thank you for your dedication to learning all you have on Neuromuscular health!!!! Highly recommend

Alice Metz-Nickels

I have had lower back pain for 15 years. I seen 4 different Chiropractors, 2 for a year with no lasting relief. My first visit I knew Austin was different. He was able to isolate my pain and take it away. Over each visit it stays away longer. Austin cares about helping people and is a great person.


My shoulders have been uneven for at least 10 years. My lower back had been hurting since I had my fourth child over twos years ago. My shoulders are uneven because my hips are uneven, which is the cause of pain. After one 90 minute session I can already tell a difference. And the best part is my lower back feels so much better! Thank you!

Heather Holeton

Austin is as intelligent in his field as i've ever seen. I was having an issue with my body that I took hours of trying to get it to loosen up and relieved the pain within minutes, it was insane and awesome! Hes a master of his craft and look forward to continuing to work with him. Hes a caring and compassionate soul and loves helping others!

Brent Dierking

I have not experienced a neuromuscular massage before and I must say it was very different from any other massage I've ever had. Austin was very knowledgeable & easy to talk to. His trigger point technique is awesome and i felt relief right away! I would recommend anyone looking for a therapeutic approach to pain and tight fascia to get in and let Austin work his magic!


Loved it. It was not a typical massage, he worked on pressure points and addressed my specific needs and help relieve some pain for me. I will definitely return. He knows his stuff for sure. Excellent, a must need for us heavy lifters.


I have been dealing with shoulder, neck and elbow pain for almost five years with little relief from chiropractors, cortisone shots and acupuncture. Austin's application and explanation of neuromuscular massage made a huge difference for me. I was able to move my neck and arms and had significant pain relief after the first visit! I would highly recommend him!


Austin does not do your typical massage - but what he does is listen to your words and your body to allow a whole new level of relaxation. 12 hours after my appointment, I woke up and got out of bed with less pain and more energy (even at 5 am!). This is a massage experience like none other, and I would do a disservice if I did not recommend everyone to visit Omega Massage Clinic. Purchase your LivingSocial deal, make your appointment and drink some extra water and go see how you can benefit from neuromuscular massage.


Austin gets to the root of your health problems I had a sciatic nerve going down the back of my leg for most of my life and after meeting Austin through Groupon and in one Session 5 years ago I have never had it return. Austin is not your typical masseuse he is so much more I encourage you to give him an opportunity to change your life. That is why I go to see Austin until this day.


This was unlike any massage I've ever experienced. Austin's technique and expertise is unparalleled. My problem areas (and there are many) have not felt this good without the use of heavy hand. I will have to revisit Omega Wellness in the near future.


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