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Why is smoking truly bad for you? The Dark truth!

While many will tell you smoking is bad for you because of your health. What does it mean? According medical research you can develop cancer from the ingredients according to the findings.

However is there something more to it. Even so there are people that smoke everyday and don't develop any problems? Why? If according to the research the product causes cancer it should be a 100% fact over time all that partake should develop this condition.

However some individuals that never smoked a day in the life or been around it still contract this condition? My opinion on this based on my own factual understanding of the subject and experience.

I at the age of 18 started smoking as a way to calm myself in an unjust world. I didn't stop smoking until I was 25-26 years of age. I noticed something very important was happening to me. Not only did I piss away my potential college fund and leg up life with this habit.

I learned something very dark underneath at all. I'll break it down like this. So what does nicotine do to us? It calms us yes? Well why do we need to calm?

For me it was this I was a angry person. The nicotine calmed me to deal with others and ignore people poor behavior of being human. Now days I just call them bad humans. One day I almost came over the counter at the gas station I was working at and went off physically with a patron that hadnt learned how to poperly treat others.

That is the day I crushed my pack of sigs and quit. I learned that the anger the nicotine surpressed was never controlled. This in smoking and partaking in this habit I had lost my ability to control my emotions. So when life got tough and I was triggered I became someone I didn't know.

Now why does controlling anger matter? Well anger is the emotion that dysfunctions our base chakra. This is our first chakra in enlightenment. Those that get past this chakra and evolve no longer really feel anger or are trigger by it. Thus using nicotine takes away from becoming this person.

Another thing it does is allow the negative energy anger to build up inside us. Which according to many researchers and my own findings negative energy causes disease. Thus using a substance to not be able to control one or more negative emotions you may open yourself up to physical problems.

Hate/sadness which are the negative emotions of the heart chakra. Can be directly affected by our actions we do by anger and thus you have your answer. Using nicotine steals away your ability to control your emotion of anger. Robbing you have your ability to evolve pasts your base chakra.

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