Why Bodywork over massage?

Bodywork in general has a different outcome the therapist and client are mutually looking for. Originally, I bodywork in tandem with massage however this defeats the purpose of both. Massage is great for relaxation and having felt of touch. In which release tons of the feel-good endorphins. It completely mask whether what you did helped the individual.

In passing I've interviews 100's of therapist and most say the same thing when asked. Do you do correctional or relaxation? Most say I do it all... Which is usually my first reason to walk the other way. You cannot effectively help someone with chronic nerve or muscle issues by releasing tons of endorphins. This should be 2 separate things and when you get into the finite details of them. The philosophy of a bodyworker verses a massage therapist are 2 very different approaches.

Here at Omega Massage we separate the two practices as they should be. Massage is for relaxation and bodywork is for correctional. If you have pain, range of motion problems, performance issues in exercise, then bodywork is what you need. However, if you have anxiety, depression, just want to melt into the table then massage is your choice. These two practices have been at each other’s throats of decades and we here at Omega Massage are breaking the mold.

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