Trigger Point what is it?

We’ve all heard this term if we haven’t been living under a Preverbal rock. In simple we’ve looked at muscles this way.

However when working on chronic tension or nerve related pain we have to look at it this way.

Now what happens when you have dysfunction in this system?

This is what a trigger point is in the figure above. It is a dysfunctional muscle spindle and its not suppose to be there. These form from lack of movement and the bodies fascia system called our interstitial connective tissue matrix. Essentially this is our bodies exoskeleton around our muscles to keep us in place.

The cobination between these two systems in dysfunction create this. A referral mapping of dyafunctional movement and at times sensation from anything to tickles to pain.

This is our bodies over sentivity and nerve pain/tension in a nut shell. This is not a bone problem, bones are affected but not the cause. Unfortunately these can not be removed easily it takes around 800 lbs of pressure to release a muscle. Unless you do it at the weakness the trigger point itself.

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