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Stress what is it?

In simple term stress is energy. We very bio electric energy know has chi or prana as not existing. However well when we look deep into what we are and how we experience things we see there is something more there.

In 1907 Dr. MacDougall, theorized the the weight of the soul is 21 grams. There is a direct change when a person dies to when they are alive of about 15-25 grams respectively. This however was ignored and throw out because of our current system to function this can not exist.

However it does regardless of whether it's wanted or not we do have a soul. It has weight it can be felt and even seen if you know how.

Why is this important well when we talk about stress we are talking about energy. Negative energy to be exact. Which can be physically seen and felt through its effects. Some personal trainers will even go to the extreme of measuring their clients stress levels before training. By doing this you can tell whether or not the body will accept the training session today.

I have found in my own experience that as my body shrinks from lack of training. I still keep my muscle tone because of the control of energy I use in my daily life. So control of negative energy or stress is key to healthy body.

I've written other articles on the direct nature of negative energy so I won't repeat myself on that. What I will say is that negative energy is felt in the body as weakened flabby muscle fibers and inflammation.

If you place your hand on of of these areas and breathe it out you maybe to remove it. However some training of energy control maybe required to complete this feat. Like anything worth doing training and understanding is required.

Through this understanding of how to pin point directly were the stress is. We are able to prevent injury. Many of the issues I've seen happened in simple ways like sneezing or raising one's arm. Only to have a muscle snap or push on a nerve because of the physical stress created on the body from negative emotions.

The more we learn to control this the more we will be able to move without injury and have a healthier body in the process.

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