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State of mind

Today I’m gonna talk about something a bit off topic from my normal. Our state of mind in any situation helps either make things better or worse in the choices that we make.

This means that when you act out of fear you will always choose the choice that pushes you away from what your afraid of. While this sounds like a good choice let’s examine it more.

If your choice out of fear makes you act illogical and choose a choice that makes no sense whatsoever from a non bias point of view then. Logic says that you should reassess your choice otherwise you will never grow from that choice.

During our current situation in the United States there is so much miss information how do you know what’s real? Do you trust what your told and act in fear and follow the masses shut your life down? Can you afford to do that? If you can then you remove yourself from the equation and everything moving forward is mute.

The logical and thinking out of non fear or love is asses the information presented and is the information credible? In the end if you buy someone’s opinion then you buy their thoughts. If they are not credible where did they get the information from? Is that credible information? What’s their track record for being correct?

In all situations our state of mind determines our future here at Omega Massage we’re cautiously looking at this event. Putting in place ways to protect ourselves and more importantly our patients family’s. This said we’re not shutting down sticking our heads in the sand and hoping this will all go away. That’s not someone that I’d follow or respect. In the end use your head and assess the information given...

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