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Nerve Compressions What are they? What do they feel like?

Nerve Compressions are actually very simple on a functional state. Usually when you have one 3 things happen!

1. Uncontrollable tension- causing high tenacity of the muscle belly, ligament, or muscle tendon. Which results in loss of strength and range of motion loss.

2. Sensation increase- you feel, your sore longer from your workouts and you have a usual level of ticklish/touch sensation to touch.

3. Muscles inability to fire- doesn’t take much logic to understand this one. With a compression to the motor function you would not be able to have as strong contractions when you send a signal to move a muscle.

We’ve focused for years of using the brian to control the nerve system from CNS treatment style technique. However what happens if the peripheral nerves simply can not accept the signal being sent? Because the soft tissue or bone is smashing the shit of it? Undoing this damage can have a massive healing componet to the body and restore damaged nerve function.

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