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Negative Energy what is it? Why is it important to talk about?

Negative energy in essence is a primordial force that is able to create rapid or slow decay in anywhere it is. This can be seen in a number of sources.

Every wondered why your produce doesn't last more than a few days and seems to rapidly go bad? Do you wonder why the lights in your home or electronics don't keep a battery or flicker?

We have been lead to believe that this is a sign of a emphatic ability or spirits. However the truth will surprise you a bit. It is essential negative energy draining everything in all directions. This includes you, your food, and any electronics in your home.

This can even make a perfectly good chair, mattress, or couch feel old/used needing to be replaced. In return if you like me you have to replace computer components and cell phones sooner than you should because the energy has made them go bad.

I have a perfectly good pair of wireless headphones that shouldn't die as quickly as they do. However when I'm at the gym or using them to watch YouTube the left one goes bad in 15-20 minutes while the right is perfectly fine. If I fix my energy on the left side it starts working like nothing is wrong.

Now that I have your attention what do you think negative energy does to your body? Did you know that if you know how to channel the negative energy out of a area of the body the dysfunction is gone? When I get a sore throat this is what I do and it's gone.

I've even done this for clients and friends so they don't suffer through a cold. No one wants to but because we do not acknowledge how this stuff works or what causes it we do.

If I haven't lost you yet then the next part will interest you. Negative energy is emotion it is the unchecked actions we do on just letting things happen.

All that we touch and all that we do can effect our environment because we are energetic beings able to program the very atoms around us with our intentions. So if you give into sadness, hate, anger, fear, worry, regret, and lust(wanting).

You will negatively program your environment and your very vessel to this frequency. In the ancient world we knew this truth and built massive structures to accositically vibrate to healing sound to remove negative energy from us.

Since the downfall of this information and understanding we have let it run rampant in our body's, environments, and our society. This is why energy healing is important it is a direct way to remove the negative energy from us. So we can be us without being a walking conduit of negative energy.

In our bodies it causes inflammation, cell degeneration, disease, and weakness. This is why we have a society of individuals struggling to have any energy to move always feeling tired and drained.

Einstein actually spoke on healing and what he said is when we view healing in vibration we will move leaps and bounds in what we are capable of.

This is paraphrasing of course but I think you get the idea. Through energy work we are able to directly effect the vibration of our very cells.

Why hasn't it become common knowledge?

Well because it's lost knowledge we use to know.

I tried the before and it didn't work?

Well the practitioner that did your session didn't make sure you could feel something. Which means their energy wasn't strong enough to do what they were imagining.

I don't believe in that stuff?

Well it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not I could directly show you it exists.

That shouldn't be possible I wasn't taught that?

That's because your teachers were not knowledgeable in this area.

I will end with this any comments are welcome and I will respond to them. There are many experts in many fields currently there is not a baseline on what a energy healer is. This is unknown territory because there are so many people saying that what they do is the way.

What I will say on this is that if you can not experience what a person is doing with proof. Then it is in there heads and they do not possess enough knowledge to enforce their will on the environment around them.

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