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Negative energy and illness

We generally view a illness or disease as physical and only physical. However this is not entirely true. Think of a disease like this when you catch a cold you have the physical foot print of the virus and then you the energy that fuels it.

I have found from various different conditions that if I removed the fuel from the condition it just disappeared. So when I feel a sore throat or throat based dysfunction I would remove the energy surrounding my throat. Thus stopping the condition before it could go further.

The only condition I've found that can not be dealt with in this simple fashion is Covid. Covid attacks our very life force itself. Causing dysfunction in all chakras at once semitaniously. I found this to be rather odd however that fact it comes from a bat would make sense into why it attacks our life force.

Something to note life force is physically manifested in us as blood. Without you no longer continue living. My work revolves around the manipulation of life force to promote healing. Thus something that attacks life force directly would respond differently than something that doesn't.

So to sum up my post here as we move into this time around family/loved ones. Be mindful of your thoughts and what emotions you have towards others. Keeping a more positive mindset and focusing on love, joy, kindness, and gratitude. Will help lessen the amount of negative energy you take in and attract.

This will help to keep you healthy through the holidays and stop disease in its tracks. So much is ignored with our mental states that something so simple can have such a profound effect on us. It is said a person can make themselves sick by just thinking it. Control of energy states would explain why this phenomenon occurs.

Thus if one can make themselves sick one can also make themselves well again. Aslong as your control the energy that fuels the dysfunction or disease. As well as remove the foot print that is it's physical manifestation. While our modern medicine helps block and defeat the physical manifestation.

Without the control of the energy you will still get sick and thus explains ther variable change we experience when the medicine fails us. I hope this helps enlighten my readers to a different way to look at disease and dysfunction and puts some ammo in your pocket. My goal is empowerment of the individual!

Have a Happy Holidays!

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