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Fat what is it and why won’t it go away?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

We have all had to deal with fat in one way or another. Whether your fit or obese it is a part of you. I have grown to understand fat in very simple terms. Fat is unused energy and nothing more. We can even now go to the extremes of freezing it off or cutting it off. However it will always come back if habits are not changed because it’s unused energy.

Fat loss as been a age old problem for individuals and for some it’s harder than others. Work a desk job, sit a lot during the day. Loosing weight may be harder for you. Had accidents or injury’s it may be harder for you.

Those are the people I think of when I write this entry. Why is it so hard for you to lose weight? You show up put in effort, eat clean, and drink plenty of fluids. Why is it still there? Is it hormones, genetics, or is it more simple than that?

My story is similar to others trying to get into shape I are like crap in my younger years and didn’t exert myself. After my military injury and separation I decided my body wasn’t gonna function like this any more. I made it a effort to work abs everyday and do obscene amounts of cardio. After a few years I had gotten myself to peak shape and obtained what I was after at the age of 25.

A few years later I had a car accident that changed everything for me. My lower abdomen would not tone up and I was told it was milk, water weight salt etc. We’ve heard it all but what if it’s much much simpler. I was working on some clients and noticed that they were loosing weight without changing any of their routine. Even occasionally eating bad and still loosing weight. Odd I thought then I started doing more abdominal work through my SMART bodywork technique.

What I found is this and it’s very simple. What if you can’t use the muscle your trying to use to burn off the fat off the top of it? What if the reason your having such a hard time loosing the lbs and inches is because you can’t actually use the muscles your trying to tone?

At Omega about a year ago we brought in fat freezing devices to have the ability to better service our clients and selfishly I just freeze off fat I didn’t want to burn off through cardio… However the toning and tightening that machine does is unmatched best I’ve seen.

So let’s elaborate on this theory of not using muscle which leaves unwanted fat in place. After I started testing clients muscle and making sure they could contract them something amazing happened. Clients were toning every area we made work! How about that a age old problem fixed by just making the tissue function…

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