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Do you have trouble being heard or Projecting your voice?

While many would believe this to be a natural dysfunction or something wrong with the equipment it's not. The ability to project our voice has everything to do with energy correctly flowing into the throat chakra. Once the energy is balanced we can be heard again.

I went through life without being heard much for 30+ years. I thought my quite voice was natural but it wasn't. I would struggle to be heard through the technology I used and would have to repeat myself many times. This would obviously frustrate me and I would feel broken.

Through my research of studying the chakras I found that in tampering with the throat chakra you could increase your ability to project your voice. In one of my experiments I was bouncer at a local bar. The band on stage and a singer you couldn't hear over the instruments. So I looked in my minds eye at them and I pulled the negative energy blocking thier voice. Replacing it with prana or chi in the color of the throat chakra. Instantly you could hear them.

This is just one direct instance of the experiments of done in testing the waters of this stuff. Unfortunately this knowledge isn't common knowledge has to why our bodies experience what they do. In the military in boot camp I was ridiculed because I couldn't speak up. I tried but nothing came out much louder. Again this made me feel broken. Im sure there's others out thier that have experienced this same problem.

Your not broken our understanding of what we are is severely limited to what we study about us. When we look at the human body as vibration it opens a whole new language of this body we live in. Which is you guessed it controlled by energy.

Now that you know this is possible why does it happen? Well throat chakra imbalance from my research happen because of not being heard and attaching ourselves to this emotional state. Anytime you say something to another and they don't listen to you. It cause your throat chakra to become unbalanced.

Physically this shows up in hearing loss, throat and sinus based disease, neck/shoulder/mid back/trecips/back of forearms, and ability to use our voice cords. The more negative energy left in these areas the worse it gets. Which is why you overtime become worse. It's not that our bodies wear out it's that we don't understand what happening to them. So we let negative energy run unchecked on our systems.

I'm going accompany this blog with a video on my YouTube. Which you can watch directly from this website! I hope this was informative and answered some unanswered questions people have had from these experiences!

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