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Chakras what are they and do they really exist?

Many writing speak on chakras and there purpose. While this written topic is extensively study over the ages it seems to be missing a key pivotal point.

Unfortunately most of the information focus’s on understanding how the inner eye works or minds eye. There is a simpler way to understand how a chakra exists and effects the body.

A water booye shows a displacement of water around it. This is how in the movie battleship they defeated their invading enemy. Now we can take that same concept and apply it to show tissue. In the body there is part tissue that create Knots or spiral abnormalities of connective tissue.

The abnormal tissue structures don’t form though from anything other than energy imbalance and you can use these to map the human energy grid or chakras. Without them the body doesn’t functio correctly. Unfortunately this hasn’t been studied by modern medicine and has made many mistakes in lack of.

So now you have that they exist and how to find them. Why do you have them? Well when your soul attaches into your body you need something electrical to function the human machine. Without it your body is just a husk. You are technically your soul and not the very vessel you lay claim too.

One the easiest ways to understand this difference is through a technique called astra projection or soul travel. Which is obtained by being in meditation and allowing your body to sleep while consciously awake or upon waking. Both are very effective techniques to perform this feat.

After such you will have a grasp that you are more than just a physical construct. Hope this helps you understand this better and opens your mind to ask questions why this truth was hidden from you?

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