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A little know tip of the ancients to calm oneself and remove negative energy!

If your like me you've probably seen a movie where a monk is meditating under a waterfall for training. First thought most have is why would someone do that? Well you have to understand what water is to us.

Yesterday we spoke on negative energy and its effects on us. Today we're going to give you ways to deal with it on your own. I want to empower you to be able to help yourselves in this endeavor because I know if you embrace this understanding it will change your vibration you give off. We'll talk about that later...

So what is water to us? There are three links to the spirit world water, fire, and blood(life force). All of these have been used by the ancients for various reasons. All of the pyramids of old had one major thing in common no matter there size. They were constructed over a running water supply. Usually in the form of groundwater.

I learned about this phenomenon and effect of what water does for us in my study of psychic defense. The biggest difference between a light worker and a shadow worker is this. One has touched the darkness studied it and understands both in now they work from experience.

It is my belief that an individual can not truly heal others without understanding what they are healing them from. This is why understanding what your spirit guides have to say is important or what beings around you influence you. It is not as important as removing dysfunction directly from a person so their bodies can heal on their own.

I did a removal of negative energy through a picture on a dog someone gave me. After everything else failed this work succeeded in restoring the dogs hair. Took 5 days after the work was done for this change to be seen but it was very noticeable by the client that gave me this honor.

However enough of that I'll speak on these more later. I have so much to say I've kept to myself because I didn't want to be hated for my beliefs limiting who I could help. That said it is better to be hated for what you believe than to be accepted for what you try to ignore and accept to have people in your circle.

So water cleanse negative energy simple right? It can't be in our society today there isn't many good sources of running ground water for grounding. I was standing in the street the other night after healing some pretty sick people.

Completely harmless then like clockwork a individual woke at 3 am and drove off circling the block because they didn't understand what I was up too. To be honest it shouldn't matter to them and what they didn't realize is the worry they felt was a implanted projection. I will speak on this topic more later as well.

So running ground water in the street is a useful way to remove negative energy and the entities that feed from it. However this isn't a safe way to do it most of the time of day and if your not paying attention you may come into harms way during your meditation. So this is something I will do when the other things don't work use this one at your own risk but it is an option.

Standing on a bridge over a stream is better way to do this. I will sometimes stand in the shower and visualize the tar going down the drain this can also be effective. Herb baths with salt to charge the intention of the water is also a option. Float spas while your in the water image the energy leaving you as you blissfully float works as well.

I will end with a word of caution that I discovered. Which is this if you have to be outside to be happy and can not stand being inside you have a negative energy problem. You can test this through a heart rate monitor inside and the move outside same position/rested state.

While nature will remove the negative energy from us from being in it. When we go back inside the attachments return and continue to play with us all for thier intend purposes.

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