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6 easy techniques you can do at home to unblock your chakras

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Very little in modern culture is known about the chakras. In ayurvedic we are taught that you have 7 major chakras and many lesser chakras well over 200! The unbalance of these chakra has been led to be the cause of many physical and psychological dysfunctions. Here are 6 easy techniques you can do on your own at home to balance your own energy field.

1. Cold water shower- Cold water has been shown in energy work to be a natural grounder of energy. Many reiki and healing practitioners are taught to break a link with a client by washing with cold water.

2. Meditation- quieting one's mind or slowing down the speed of thoughts can help bring someone naturally into balance. Through focused intent to a location of discomfort or pressure can naturally allow the blockage to resolve itself.

3. Mantras- In ayurvedic teaching the universe was created through 7 sound tones written on the dead sea scrolls. These specific sound tones are the original solfeggio scale LAM(ROOT), VAM(SACRAL), RAM(SOLAR), YAM(HEART), HAM(THROAT), KRIM(THIRD EYE), AH(CROWN). Through vibration of these you can release pressure naturally built up.

4. Saging- Sage has been known to remove negative energy and blockages when used. It is commonly used in disconnection after work and in cleansing locations.

5. Walking barefoot- walking in a earth with flesh has been known to release energy and calm oneself back to base. Nature does not allow anything that is not of it to exist in energy when you become one with it. Many gardeners and hikers speak of the calmness they get from their time with nature.

6. Binaural/isochronic tones - Like meditation this is a forced state you can find online to force the frequency you are after. Many are label so you do not have to know all the specifics. They work but using one tone in one ear and a different one in your other. This creates a third tone that is silent, but your mind can hear. Highly effective for beginners!

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